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some sort of crazy [userpic]

Infinite Gravity - fst

5th October 2009 (15:50)

mood: bored

Soundtrack for my not-really-WIP-since-I-technically-finished-it Infinite Gravity.

short but now complete - technical spoilers past c16 or soCollapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

fic: Resonance [EXE, PG]

19th April 2009 (23:39)

mood: surprised

F-ficpost. Wow.
Resonance (or, How Netto Found Out) - Rockman.exe futurefic, PG, Blues/Rockman. Crossposted to ff.net, yes really, shut up. aaaah why do I do these things to myself

ResonanceCollapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

Fic: [07-Ghost] Left Unsaid

18th November 2008 (00:24)
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mood: fic? me?

F-ficpost dear god what.

Title: Left Unsaid
Series: 07-Ghost
Rating/Warnings: Fluff. PG at most.
Pairings/Characters: Teito/Mikage-ish, extra bonus babydragon.
Notes: In dreams...

Left UnsaidCollapse )

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Fic: Hikari [Kingdom Hearts/FFVII, R, WIP]

29th December 2007 (22:02)
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mood: creative

WIP amnesty time~

This is the first 6000-odd words of what was intended to be a Cloud-centric Kingdom Hearts fic, bridging KH1 and 2 and focusing significantly on Cloud/Sephiroth, with added bonus Zack/Aeris, Zack/Cloud/Aeris, etc. May never be finished, at this point. R-rated. Ish.

It was the taste in the air, darkness and flame and anticipation just as it had been on the night so many years ago when everything had begun.Collapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

ficpost: vespidae (Xenosaga)

16th October 2007 (22:51)
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mood: indescribable

Another URTV backstory ficlet >.> Nigredo and Citrine this time. I'm going to need some kind of name for this universe, aren't I.

vespidaeCollapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

Xenosaga fic compilation

11th October 2007 (23:45)
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mood: geeky
music: Maybe Tomorrow

...I have so much fic floating around my head. Need to write more.

The thankfully-not-epic URTV-centric series thing:

vespidae - another backstoryish ficlet, Nigredo and Citrine after Albedo's change.

memoriae - backtoryish ficlet thing, Rubedo and Nigredo after Miltia.

notes to self: Nigredo and Citrine on Rubedo and Albedo; back to back; comfort; Albedo and the mirrors; sharing :/ ; puppy!; MOMO stuffs; awakening; negotiations

some sort of crazy [userpic]

ficpost: memoriae (Xenosaga)

11th October 2007 (23:34)
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mood: tired
music: One~

...Xenosaga ficlet. P-probably the first of a bunch in this particular universe, augh. URTV-centric, backstory or possibly middle-story depending on your point of view, entirely gen. So far.

memoriaeCollapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

(no subject)

27th August 2007 (17:05)

mood: Clouuuud ;_;
music: I have Aeris' theme stuck in my head...

F-final Crisis Core trailer uwaaah. The ending. The ending. *bawls*

ETA: and the uncut version from the Square Enix Party thing. Uwaaaah. ;_;

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crossposted from yuri_challenge, mark 3

30th June 2007 (22:32)
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Title: Hesitation Change
Rating: PG-13
Request: Suikoden III: Lucia/Chris - dance - Grasslander traditions and Zexen traditions
Summary: Festival, diplomacy, and the ties that bind. You can't cage a falcon.
Notes: 2970 words. Manga-based. A hesitation change is a Waltz figure that presents a number of options and is usually used to mark corners.

She hadn't wanted to come...Collapse )

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crossposted from yuri_challenge, mark 2

30th June 2007 (22:29)
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Title: How It's Lost
Rating: PG-13
Request: FFVII: Tifa/Jessie - steel - "stronger than they look, those girls are"
Summary: Terrorism, espionage, and Sector Six: how far would you go?
Notes: 2680 words. Set a couple of years pre-game.

There were certain things that you just had to deal with, living under the Plate.Collapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

crossposted from yuri_challenge, mark 1

30th June 2007 (22:25)
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Title: Interweaving
Rating: PG
Request: Kingdom Hearts: Kairi/Namine - Skin - misuse of mirrors
Summary: It's a strange thing, she's discovered, to be two.
Notes: 1317 words. The mirrors thing is borrowed from Terry Pratchett.

Summer is long since over, and they are all weeks late for the start of school.Collapse )

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Suikoden fic list

20th June 2007 (22:39)
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mood: exhausted

Because I'll probably need one. Please note that living as I do in glorious England I have not actually played the game damn it. >E Manga-based until I can get a US ps2.

Hesitation Change - 2970 words, Lucia/Chris for yuri_challenge. PG-13. Festival, diplomacy, and the ties that bind. You can't cage a falcon.

[annoying Hugo/Caesar bunny with diplomatic visits, marriage prospects from hell, and sleeping through class goes here. why.]

some sort of crazy [userpic]

in which I ramble on about KH meta and quite probably contradict myself

8th May 2007 (21:45)
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mood: tired
music: Key of Destiny 1

I've been thinking about these issues for a while now - specifically, what harukami mentioned about Riku's line to Xemnas ("You mess up our worlds") and whether Nobodies and their agenda can be counted as, if not evil then inimical. Also, about the power structure of the 'other side' and where Maleficent stands in the bigger picture. And what is the bigger picture, anyway?

Square v Disney: worldview - blah blah Mistress of Evil - just who's in charge here?Collapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

KH2 ramblings

21st April 2007 (23:42)

mood: thoughtful

Interesting Things I've noticed on this playthrough, which may or may not have any significance.

castlesCollapse )

podsCollapse )

symbolsCollapse )

keybearers past and presentCollapse )

more castlesCollapse )

Anyway. Progress!Collapse )

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(no subject)

19th April 2007 (02:31)

mood: tired
music: fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra

...so Aeris is going :( at me due to lack of Zack and/or Cloud, even though I've already written the part where Cloud comes back (straight out of the ending credits, ahaha) and I was going back and filling in this one scene. Aughwhy. *sniffles*

kh2 & ff7 replaying progress; tiny spoilers?Collapse )

some sort of crazy [userpic]

KH ficlet: No Reply

13th April 2007 (00:07)
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mood: lethargic
music: Yoko Kanno - No Reply (Cowboy Bebop OST)

640 words, hints of Roxas/Axel; pre-KH2; PG/worksafe
I call and there's no reply/like some phantom cry/on ears too far away

"No one would miss me."Collapse )

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(no subject)

11th April 2007 (21:34)

mood: giddy
music: Virginia

Someone tell Zack to stop being so damn hot. *incoherent flailing*

Screencapped from the official Crisis Core site. Which is new.

some sort of crazy [userpic]

KH fanbabble

1st April 2007 (07:48)
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mood: contemplative
music: March Caprice

- re: this FM+ cutscene translation:

in relation to the new secret video; spoilers?Collapse )

- re: implied canon relationships in KH1/2, retarded symbolism, and ot3:

in relation to the KH2 ending; spoilers?Collapse )

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(no subject)

29th March 2007 (02:48)

mood: accomplished
music: Azure Ray - Beautiful Things Can Come From The Dark

...radical layout overhaul. also I fail at actually posting here

KH: Going through 2 yet again on normal mode to do the journal things. Also playing CoM on and off for great illegality, and currently getting my ass handed to me (repeatedly) by Repliku v4.

FFVII: I'm doing a playthrough for the express purpose of getting a whole lot of save points in various places. For. No particular reason. >.> Currently wandering round the Gold Saucer area before going to Gongaga (wah, Zack's parents. Wah, Aeris.). Trying to get Yuffie's 2/1 limit break, dammit. Also Cloud's 3/1, because Aeris has hers by now and that's just kind of weird.

Also contemplating getting Crisis Core in Japanese, mostly for the voices but also because on Amazon Japanese PSPs come out forty or fifty quid cheaper than British. And we'll be lucky to get the game at all, here. >| Need to look up shipping and import charges, though.

some sort of crazy [userpic]

(no subject)

23rd February 2007 (06:12)

mood: drained
music: hikari (orchestral)

...okay so I beat KH2 again just now, on Proud Mode this time, and. cut for babbleCollapse )

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